#NEPSE: All time high closing index value

Today on 04 April 2021 NEPSE breaks previous all time high closing 2640.35 index value.

Tulsi Bhagat
Apr 4, 2021
Image via Nepal Stock Exchange

All time high NEPSE index value is 2676.16 on 22 Feb. 2021, but as it is not the closing index value. On that day, it reached to all time high 2676.16 index value but declined to 2607.67 index value and the market closed at it.

On 21 Feb. 2021, the market closed at 2640.35 index value which is considered as all time high closing index value.

Today, it breaks that record and the new all time high closing is 2657.16 index value with +25.71 point change and +0.98% change.

By Tulsi Bhagat

Tulsi Bhagat

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